What can your DNA tell you about your fertility?

Many cases of infertility remain “unexplained”. However, thanks to our use of Next Generation Sequencing Technology, we can now uncover monogenic DNA errors which can be the cause of some of these cases of infertility.

Although IVF and ICSI are the two most common assisted reproduction technologies (ART), genetic errors which cause hidden molecular defects in sperm or eggs can also prevent them fertilising at IVF and ICSI.

Our “Fertility DNA” test examines specific regions of your DNA, which are necessary for producing normal functioning sperm and eggs (gametes), that are capable of coming together and fertilising. Knowledge of DNA errors, which impact the gametes directly, can give you an insight into the cause of your infertility and potential impact upon your ART procedure.

Learn about monogenic (in single genes) errors which cause infertility and failure of ART.

Learn more about how you can make a difference to the identification and causes of infertility.

Welcome to Fertility Genomics
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Welcome to Fertility Genomics
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About Our Lab

Your DNA is extracted and sequenced in a laboratory that is certified through the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) to provide clinical grade sequencing to ensure the highest standards of people and processes to safeguard the highest quality and accuracy of testing.

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Fertility Genomics FAQS

Delivery of your test kit and return postage is free.

No. We are sensitive to the fact that many couples and individuals wish to keep their experience and treatments private. Therefore, you will receive your test kit in a plain white (unbranded) cardboard box. The return address is similarly discreet.

We aim for an industry standard of approximately 35-40 working days. You will be notified by email when your report is ready and you can access it securely by logging into your account.

We aim to provide you with a clear indication of the association of any mutations in sperm and egg specific protein coding regions to fertilisation outcomes. Please see the example report.

Fertility Genomics is a fertility specialist DNA company that is founded by a team of fertility physiologists and geneticists with over 60 years of combined experience both working with and analysing clinical DNA results and conducting research into causes of “unexplained” infertility.

If you are thinking about starting a family, you can find out beforehand whether you or your partner suffer from rare genetic conditions, that will inhibit both natural and conventional IVF conception. Importantly, we include in our report suggestions of the most appropriate treatment routes to maximise your chance of fertilisation success.

If you are already going through IVF treatment and have experienced already one or more failures of IVF cycles, then a fertility Genomics test may explain this consistent failure.

If you are receiving donor sperm or eggs you may wish to also have yourself and your donor tested.

Our DNA analysis is highly accurate. We utilise the latest Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) technology to sequence all 44,000 of your gene sequences, to over 99% analytical accuracy.  Our DNA sequence analysers then looks at male and female genes that are known to specifically affect fertility. Many of the fertility genes tested by Fertility Genomics are supported by clinical research conducted by leading science and research institutes around the world, including our own.  Moreover, Fertility Genomics follow the standards and guidelines set by the American College of Medical Genetics. Fertility Genomics, however, will never report any other non-fertility related genes e.g. genes associated with cancer or genetic disease.

Fertility Genomics takes the protection of your data and privacy very seriously and administer several strict encrypting protocols to ensure that it remains safe and secure. Therefore, we require your explicit permission to keep your DNA for long term storage so that it can be used for future research into genetic causes and co-morbidities associated with infertility. Please note that to adhere to our QA processes that all DNA samples are kept for 1 month, after which they are destroyed. If you have not given permission for your DNA to be stored for research, no additional testing will be done on it in the interim.  Fertility Genomics strictly adheres to both International and Industry standards, e.g. the ISO 27001 Information Security Standard, which is designed to secure both your DNA data and personal information.

The good news in such cases children successfully born to such couples, are highly unlikely to have inherited their parent’s fertility problems. This is because such children will almost certainly inherit normal genes from the unaffected fertile parent and therefore only inherit one bad copy of the gene from the other sub-fertile parent.

In certain instances of sperm defects we can provide free* in vitro testing of sperm function. As these tests must be conducted on live sperm you either have to attend our research laboratory in Scotland or if you are attending an IVF clinic it may be possible to send a frozen semen sample. Please email info@fertilitygenomics.com for more information.

*Only the cost of the lab test is free.

You can consent for genetic research upon purchasing your Fertility DNA kit. You can consent to be contacted to contribute to our sperm studies programme.

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